Nobody ever listens.

I get so defensive about this and maybe that’s why I’m so mad right now is because of simple butthurtedness but we were moving the fish today and I told them both, I can’t carry it like this. It will spill on me. “No, no you’ll be fine. Ill drive slow.”
Pulling out of the apartment complex I got covered in shitty pissy fish water that hasn’t been cleaned in over a month. All over my work clothes (all I wanted was to go home and relax after work for the first time in 3 days) and now I have to wash my clothes too.

For once I wish someone would just fucking listen to me.

I’ve been going nonstop for 15 hours on 4 hours of sleep bye world

Over today.

I woke up in a bad mood and had to work at 8 in the asshole morning and just got off and now have to move my entire apartment in like 2 hours and then deep clean every inch of it. My boyfriend is irritating me, my back is falling apart, and I’m sick. Meanwhile all day psycho blast from the past has been messaging me on Facebook and I cannot deal with that right now. Also I am a whiny bitch today so there’s that hahaha no idek man I just want sleep.


Pipilotti Rist, (Entlastungen) Pipilottis Fehler, 1988.